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I picked up the new Steve Jackson Games Deluxe Ogre. I got it so I could teach my son the basics of wargames, or at least the basics of old wargames.

The game also gave me the opportunity to paint some miniature armor. It wasn't as fun as it cold have been. I guess the project didn't interest me much. I was most interested in getting them painted to use for the game rather than striving to make them nice.

I ended up with a good collection. They play well and the OGRE looks adequately menacing while the defenders look like they're going to get their everloving asses kicked, which is how most games go. You know, for a game that's been so thoroughly playtested (25+ years) you'd think the OGRE would lose more often!

I coated them heavily with sealer knowing they were going to get handled alot by sticky fingers.

I did a preview for the game for Starship Modeler. It was my first review. Check it out at the link below.

My Starship Modeler OGRE Deluxe Review

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