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Airbrush Thinner: How I Make my Own

  • Automotive Windshield Washer Fluid, Water and Rubbing Alcohol

Just for the record, I make my own airbrush thinner. I suppose I could buy some, but I couldn’t find any when I needed it. Instead, I found a recipe to make some and after I doctored it a bit, I use it exclusively to clean my brushes and thin my airbrush paints. Occasionally, I’ll use it to thin brushed acrylic paints too.

The iungredients are: water, rubbing alcohol and automotive windshield washer fluid.

You can buy a gallon of blue windshield washing fluid for nearly nothing at an auto parts store. It’s basically the same stuff as Windex, just cheaper and more of it.

I mix about 50% fluid to 25% water and 25% alcohol. I use alcohol because I’m an impatient painter and I want the paint to dry faster. Adding more alcohol will make the paint dry even faster, less and it’ll stay wet longer. Both the alcohol and the water are just to dilute the fluid a bit. You could use it strait out, I suppose, but it may get soapy.

I shoot acrylics out of my airbrush exclusively; I don’t know if this will work for other paints, but I think it may.

I originally got the washer fluid tip from a figure modeling magazine, but I don’t remember which one or ones - it’s not a secret.

If you find this information useful, drop me a line.

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